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Find Mayor Dagano and say dag, mission. Find these items in Nork Get a key from an npc in Maeling-2 by trading a Flawless Pearl from Maeling Hold the Door Pearl in hand and click Peewee 5 times. Drop 1 bow and say pee, trade. Bring all of those to trade for a Returning Hammer. Take the Seahag Robe to the trader in Frore. Depending on your class, you will get a different armor.

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Find Jerekiak in Nork-6 and clear out all hostile enemies near him. When he is safe: jer, hello. Trade the Slith Amber for the Slith Robe. Different classes receive different robes. After the fourth one poofs you will be in. Drop both the cloak and 2k gold on his hex and click him to receive his amulet.

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Improved Basilisk Shield. Improved Black Dragon Scales. Improved Black Ninja Robe. Improved Dragon Gauntlets. Improved Griffon Longsword. Improved Katsumo Gauntlets. Improved Lightning Hammer. Improved Ratburrow Sash. Maeling Dungeon Lair Access. Minotaur Axe Alignment Change. Hector's Ring [Back to top] Retrieve the Goblin Lord Gem and use the key he drops to open the door and hold the gem and show Pelagus: pel, proof. I flipped through it and started reading. I think it means something.

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Eight in the morning, Friday, April Thirteenth. Mother just sat me down and told me that on her way home from the market, she had forgotten to get my roses. She got very lost and found a palace garden filled with rose bushes. From the castle grounds, she plucked three roses. But as soon as she did, a huge, ugly basilisk came slithering through the castle gate. He had the beady red eyes, sharp beak, and claws of a chicken. This was paired with the rattling, pointed green tail of a serpent. To top it all off, mother said that the beast had huge wings of red, yellow, and orange. The basilisk demanded that mother bring her youngest daughter to the palace in payment for the stolen flowers.

And so I must go, or the beast will surely kill us all. Eleven in the morning, Thursday, April Thirteenth. The stipulations of the agreement are that I must live at the castle and tend to the basilisk for three hours every day.

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But the basilisk is pretty terrifying to look at. So I just try to close my eyes when it is in the room. Three in the afternoon, Sunday, April Sixteenth. I can have anything I wish to eat, and I get to spend my time reading from the curious journal that Mother found at the market. All of them left their homes in search of something better, in search of their true loves. Maybe leaving my home was the first step for me along my journey to true love.

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When I care for the beast, all it wants is for me to brush it, and pet it, and feed it. Six in the evening, Tuesday, April Eighteenth. The strangest thing has happened! The gaze of the basilisk, which turned men to stone, killed everyone who attempted to reach the treasure. The basilisk was finally defeated when a wandering tailor showed it a mirror. There is a picture of the basilisk on the sign of a restaurant named after the monster.

Monument of the Warsaw Mermaid Pomnik Warszawskiej Syrenki According to legend, a mermaid was resting on the riverbank near the Old Town when local fishermen heard her song and fell in love with the fabulous creature. When a rich merchant trapped and imprisoned the mermaid a young fisherman heard her cries for help and released her. By way of thanks, she promised to provide all fishermen with help if needed. Since then, the mermaid, armed with a sword and a shield, has been ready to protect the city and its residents.

Historical Museum of Warsaw Muzeum Historyczne m.

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Its exposition presents the story of the capital since the dawn of its history to modern times. From Tuesday to Saturday at noon the Museum cinema screens a documentary about Warsaw between and Stone Stairs Kamienne Schodki This picturesque staircase has been here since the 15th century, leading out from the defensive walls. Initially they were made of wood, but were later were carved in stone, giving the street its current name. Barbican and defensive walls Barbakan i mury obronne The remains of Warsaw's defensive walls, built in Inside there is an exhibition presenting the history of the fortifications with models and explaining why Warsaw's Old Town is a UNESCO-recognised cultural heritage site.

It is here to commemorate the brave children who fought against the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising. One of the most beautiful palace and garden complexes in Europe. It includes numerous historical monuments and a park in a formerly wild forest. For 50 years, free piano concerts have been held here on summer weekends next to the famous monument of F.

Crowds of tourists and local classical music lovers gather here. Many different stylistic eras are represented in the Palace's many parts. It is full of sculptures and fountains. Cascades of water, situated on the southern end of the park, fall into a lake that surrounds the eastern part of the grounds.

Must-see sights on the Route include: St.

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